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This Is Your Life continues to be a household name worldwide and for any enquires about the show or it’s International Distribution please contact us

This Is Your Life is an iconic entertainment format with a track record spanning more than 50 years and international versions produced in over ten territories including USA; Australia; New Zealand; Holland and Denmark.
In each episode, our presenter surprises a well known personality when they least expect it, and presents them with the  famous red book with the words: “This Is Your Life”. Our celebrity is then brought face to face with people that mattered most in his/her life; this includes both family and friends and other famous faces. Together they embark on a humorous and emotional journey, looking back at the celebrity’s life, from the often humble beginnings to where they are now.  In our celebrity-focused times, the format is more current than ever, and has lost none of its original appeal.  With its goodhearted, nostalgic feel, it is no surprise that This Is Your Life has entertained entire families for decades; it is, quite simply, a television classic!

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